Become a Nutrition Coach

Integrative Nutrition, Cooking, and Health Coaching

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Become a Nutrition Coach

Zizania is looking for people who are passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and who want to help others live healthier lives without medication, shakes, or gimmicks.

The Zizania Academy of Nutrition is the only organization in the nation that is solely devoted to the education of nutrition.  Classes are taught by actual clinicians who have experience coaching in the field and can bring you the latest techniques in treatment and a wealth of knowledge beyond textbooks reading.

Our program has a unique feature compared to other schools and training programs.  Once you complete the academic training, you have a 3 month internship where you will work with real clients and gain real work experience to prepare you to handle a variety of conditions, personalities, and environments.  Upon graduation you can chose to work for Zizania as a nutrition therapist or open your own practice.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about finding work after getting your Zizania certification.

If you enjoy helping people, if you are fascinated by the changes brought about by simple nutrients and want to understand how to use that power of food to prevent disease and achieve optimal health, than this is the right path for you.  Classes are forming now and starting in August 2016.  Contact us today to setup an interview and take the first step into the most exciting and rewarding career.