Our Client From Reston, VA

Stephen is a lawyer in his early sixties.  He came to Zizania because his doctor told him to change his diet.  He was overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and his blood sugar was inching up. 

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We worked with Stephen using our Full Recovery program which is a three-month step-by-step program on how to change eating habits permanently and adopt a healthier relationship with food.  We coached Stephen on how to create healthy meals, how to chose low sugar snacks, and how eat healthy while on business trips, which was his biggest problem.  We also taught Stephen how to make food combinations that curbed his appetite without having to count calories or carbohydrates.


Within these 3 months, Stephen lost 30 lbs and after his doctor’s visit, all his numbers were moving downward. His doctor was really happy with his results and started to reduce the dosage of the medication.

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Stephen is still enjoying healthy foods today and his health continues to improve. 

He has not felt the need nor the desire to return to the old ways of eating.  He said that, aside from feeling good everyday, the bonus is being able to run and around and play his 7 year-old grand-son. 


Listen to Stephen’s story here.