Weight Loss in Great Falls

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Dede is a CEO of a startup and that says it all. Long hours, meetings, working weekends in late night diners with sponsors, clients, and team building. Her meals usually revolve around some business function or a fundraising for some cause.

Dede did not have the time to complete our Recovery Program but she did the 6 week Back to Basics program. During these 3 weeks we focussed on increasing micronutrients in her diet and decreasing macronutrients which means less carbs, less proteins and less fat. We did not eliminate any of these nutrients nor did we remove all her favorite foods.

The Zizania Experience

After the initial 3 weeks, we provided Dede minimal support and she continued on her own. About 8 months later, she lost 70 lbs and her blood work definitely showed improvement in her overall health. The part that Dede enjoyed the most about the Zizania program is she never thought she was on a diet.

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