What are Lifestyle Diets and How do they Work?

Nutrition that Heals You from Within

There’s no question that healthy eating helps us live stronger and longer. Various studies have even suggested that adding or subtracting certain foods from your daily diet can prevent serious chronic illness. Here at Zizanai we focus on lifestyle diets that will help you feel great and live health for the long run.

Case Studies

“I began working with Dominique because my Type II Diabetes was getting much worse, and my doctor was prescribing a number of medications to save my life. My daily sugar levels topped 200, my A1C was over 8, and I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Daily activities fatigued me and I began to shy away from fun activities, fearing they were too physical. I began the program in June 2009, and had lost 40 pounds by mid-Fall. My daily sugar was usually below 100, my A1C was down to 6.5, and my cholesterol and high blood pressure were greatly improved. My doctor was amazed and said I wouldn’t need any of the medications if I kept doing what I was doing. But most importantly, I have the energy to walk my dogs for miles, kayak, sail, snorkel, and do whatever I want to do.”

Erin Elise, Alexandria, VA

At Zizania we follow the latest developments in scientific research and studies in lifestyle diets, health and nutrition. Nutrition is a new discipline. Every day new discoveries in medical research show us the advantages of eating a healthy diet. The latest of such studies was conducted by McMaster and McGill universities, Canada. They found that a diet high in fruits and vegetables (cooked or raw) was able to turn off the gene that makes people sensitive to heart disease.  These types of disease-fighting foods are what our lifestyle diets are all about.

Our clients benefit from improved health, reduce their risk of chronic illness, and feel rejuvenated as they are able to participate in the activities they enjoy. Here are just a few examples of the conditions our lifestyle diets can help you  manage:

  • Type II Diabetes: can be managed with diet or completely reversed (depending on patient’s other health factors)
  • High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Management of Pain/Complications of Fibroids
  • Weight Loss and Long-Term Management Strategies
  • Eliminate Arthritis Pain
  • Help Reduce or Eliminate Sleep Apnea
  • Improvement of Gastro-Inestinal Health (IBS, constipation, bloating, collitis, etc..)
  • Food Allergies: Diagnosis, Testing, and Management
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) (counseling, appropriate dietary changes, and food therapy to alleviate the pain and symptoms of PCOS)

Zizania programs include a full suite of features to help clients change their eating habits for life:


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, said Benjamin Franklin. Prevention of illness, both minor and chronic, comes from your immune system. We work with your needs to establish a meal plan with the right amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins to keep you energetic and build a strong immune system. Regular sessions will teach you everything you need to know from meal composition to nutrient content of foods, and when it is best to eat certain foods.

Did You Know That:

  • Taking antiacids can deplete you of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium
  • Potatoes are actually a healthful food despite the carbohydrates
  • The brain runs 100% on glucose and carbohydrates are the best way to obtain it
  • The body does not store excess proteins
  • The best way to reduce your appetite is to be well nourished and supply the body with all essential nutrients such vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and proteins.

We give you the knowledge you need to shop, read labels and see behind the advertising—plus tips to do it all without spending hours in grocery stores. Best of all, you will be having fun while doing it. Our coaches are fun, dynamic, friendly, and love what they do.

Diet Makeover

Zizania weight-loss-og-green-150x150 How It Works  Meal composition techniques are the key to our success. Creating a meal is more than just cooking dishes. Whether you are trying to lose weight, cope with a disease, or combat other food-related complications, our programs will provide you with the results you need.

You will learn:

  • Strategies to break your unhealthy eating routine
  • How to control your cravings
  • Strategies to break your unhealthy eating routine.
  • How to make your own meals
  • How to create menus that fit into your busy schedule
  • How to choose the most healthful foods in restaurants and public venues

Palate Rehab

Changing your diet is not about removing things from it, but adding to it. Our tongue has many papillae that shed every 6 to 24 hours to be replaced by new ones. Our lifestyle diets will train these new ones to develop a taste for “the good stuff”.

By eating foods in their most natural forms, you will learn to identify ingredients just by tasting your food.
You will enjoy flavors and textures that you may not currently know. We can train your palate to develop a craving for mangoes, kale salad,  or our famous Jade Soup.    You can eat the foods you crave and reap the health benefits. There is no sacrifice involved!


Just a few weeks into our program, you will see positive changes. Nourishing your body properly will increase your energy and improve your overall well-being.

You will notice:<

  • Increase energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Normalize your sleep patterns
  • Heal digestion problems

Additionally, most clients notice the disappearance of a range of symptoms caused by small, unknown food allergies to common ingredients (Milk, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, etc.) Our program will help you identify these allergies and eliminate them.


After you graduate from our program, you will no longer wonder how to get enough proteins, calcium, and vitamins in your diet. You will know where to shop to get the freshest ingredients and you will participate in a changing economy that fosters sustainable and compassionate agricultural practices.

As an added bonus, you will develop skills to shop better while spending less.


Using lifestyle diets you’ll take control of the food process. Once you develop a taste for real food, you will lose interest in processed, packaged, and restaurant food. You can make a gourmet meal for 2 for $20 and have leftovers for next day lunch. This amount will barely cover a meal for one in a restaurant (meal price, tax, tip). Not to mention the time it takes to drive there, wait in line, and wait at the table to be served.

Are you ready to start living your life as a celebration? Schedule your first consultation today.