Food Allergies in McLean

John S. who lives in McLean has been suffering from joint pain and inflammation for months. Under the advice of his chiropractor, he contacted Zizania for a nutrition consultation.  At first John looks healthy with no apparent health problems.  His weight is adequate for his height and age; his blood test shows no sign of disease or nutrient deficiencies and his energy level and stamina are normal.  This has both his doctors and family puzzled as to why he has so much pain in his joints.  Some days he could’t even use his hands.  

Having worked with people who suffer from joint pain and autoimmune disease, I immediately suspected some kind of allergy.  Allergies are very difficult to diagnose and pinpoint particularly when they are not food related.

After doing a a thorough health history, I found that John’s pain was more pronounced on weekends and Monday mornings. Looking at his food, his weekend eating habits were hardly different from any other days.  Then I looked closer … and there it was.  John loves having a drink on weekends when he goes out socializing.  He is far from being a heavy drinker but he enjoys a cocktail or two on Friday night and perhaps a few glasses of wine on Saturday.  Sometimes, even a glass of champaign for brunch.

I asked John to quit all alcoholic beverages and put him on nutrition therapy plan for just three weeks.  The join pain started to decrease within days.  After three weeks, it was completely gone.  The bad news is John can no longer drink alcohol regularly but he is now pain free and can resume all the activities he enjoys.