Weight Loss: Berry Good Food

Summer is on its way.  Before you know it, grocery stores will be filled with fresh and local fruit.  The best fruit to increase your nutrient intake and help you with your weight loss plan are berries.   Berries area low sugar fruit so their calorie content is much lower than other fruits such mangoes or cantaloup.  Berries are also delicious, colorful, easy to eat fresh or added to smoothies, fruit salads and soups, or to top your favorite dessert.  I have put together a Continue reading →

Healthy Eating Without Baby Carrots

Many Americans snack on baby carrots in an attempt to move toward healthy eating.  Did you know that these little carrots are actually regular carrots that are malformed, crocked, or have some kind of flaw that makes them unfit to display in a grocery store.  So the farmers use a variety of tools to peel and shape them into smaller pieces that resemble young carrots. What’s wrong with that, you may ask?  The problem is these carrots sit a long time in bins, they then Continue reading →

Inflammation: Body’s Weapon Against Itself

What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the most widespread and un-diagnosed disease.  Most people suffer from inflammation for many years before they are aware of any symptoms.  Since the symptoms start small and slow, many sufferers grow into them and blame the pain on old age,  stress from work and life’s events.   They only take action when the pain becomes unbearable.  A visit to the doctor can reveal a disorder or a disease such as type 2 diabetes.  Medication is often the next step.  However, there Continue reading →

Healthy Shopping Starts at Home

Do you know how to read food labels? Can you spot healthy options in the grocery store? Are you wondering what it means to “eat in season”? Do you find it challenging  to identify healthy produce? If these questions are on your mind, then this grocery store tour is for you.  Healthy eating starts in the grocery store.  Knowing what foods are healthy and good for you coupled with home cooking will put you on your way to better health both for you and your Continue reading →

Diabetes-Friendly Dessert Good for Everyone

Whether you are trying to lose weight or you are battling type 2 diabetes or even inflammation, this dessert will revive your palate, excite your senses and is therapeutic.  Chia is high in protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids (4915 mg/oz), also an excellent source of calcium, zinc, and manganese.  These ingredients are the best when it comes to fighting disease such as diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation. You can learn more about the virtues of chia seeds here. Coconut milk has medium chain Continue reading →