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Our team brings decades of experience in all aspects of health.

Whether you are looking for a health coach, a doctor, or a nutritionist, the Zizania team is the right choice.  Our team brings in decades of experience in all aspects of health.  We have the expertise, the education, and the tools to help you reach your health goals.

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Our Services

  • Managing Diabetes — Many of our clients are pre-diabetic, have high blood glucose (blood sugar), or have been diabetic for several years. They all lowered their blood sugar within days on our program.
  • Weight Loss — At Zizania, we look at all aspects of your health. How you eat, what you eat, how you feel after eating and even how you feel in the morning. Then we establish a profile of who you are as an “eater.”
  • Autoimmune Disease — Our protocol is simple yet effective. We use foods that help reduce inflammation, remove foods that trigger allergies, and help our clients monitor their symptoms in relation to food and daily activity.
  • Medical or Special Diets — Do you suspect that a change in diet would solve your health problems?  Have you been trying to go vegan, gluten free, or just trying to eat healthy?   We can help.
  • Food Allergies — We have worked with clients who have gluten allergies, dairy, and nut allergies. We have also worked with clients with food sensitivities due to colitis, diverticulitis, IBS, and leaky gut syndrome. No matter what your food allergy is, we can help you enjoy eating again.
  • Senior Health — To make sure you truly enjoy the years that you have worked so hard for, we have designed a program just for seniors. Ready to begin living a vibrant life and feeling your very best? We can help you get there!

The Zizania Team is Here to Help

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