Dr. Su Fairchild

From Primary Care to Functional Medicine — Dr. Fairchild Makes Patient Care a Priority

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Dr. Su Fairchild

Dr. Fairchild started her medical career in Family Medicine, serving as Medical Director of a busy Primary Care office in a small town in Pennsylvania for over 10 years.

During this time, in Conventional Family Medicine, Dr. Fairchild became disillusioned and dissatisfied with the results and client outcomes. Rather than control clients’ symptoms with medication, she wanted to improve their overall health through curing the cause of the illness.

Eventually, she left Pennsylvania and went to Kansas City to participate in a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine where she trained under Dr. Jeanne Drisko.  She also had the opportunity to be taught by Dr Walter Crinnion, an expert in Environmental Medicine, and author of the book “Clean, Green, and Lean”.

Dr. Fairchild is now practicing as an Integrative Medicine Specialist, specializing in thyroid problems (mostly hypothyroidism), MTHFR, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, and nutrition therapy both to reverse chronic illness and increase quality of life. She is also familiar with oral chelation, desiccated thyroid medication, Myer’s cocktail, various cancer supportive therapies, gluten intolerance, bio-identical hormones, and many other clinical and subclinical conditions. More information about her expertise and methods can be found on her blog.

To ensure that she is the right fit for your needs, Dr. Fairchild starts with a free 15 minute phone consultation before you invest time and money in a full consultation. If you need to reach Dr. Fairchild, you may email her by clicking on contact us on this site or via her blog.

Due to the personalized and specialized nature of her services, Dr. Fairchild does not take any insurance or Medicare.