The Zizania Method is Simple, Effective, and Delivers Lasting Results

Weight Loss without diet pills, calorie counting, or Portion Control

There is a difference between diets and healthy eating. Any time you go on a new diet you will experience some weight loss in the first month or so. Then you will plateau. Many people remain at this plateau for years because diet plans have a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Simple and Effective with Lasting Results

At Zizania, we look at all aspects of your health. How you eat, what you eat, how you feel after eating and even how you feel in the morning. Then we establish a profile of who you are as an “eater.” We also discover problems that you have had for years and stopped noticing because it became a way of life for you. This is healthy eating which becomes a lifestyle.

Weight loss is more than just food.  There are many factors involved: hormones, metabolism, heredity, and of course lifestyle.  We try to learn as much as possible about your health status and, when necessary, we order blood work to identify any problems not visible on the surface (deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, thyroid function, liver enzymes, kidney function, etc…).

The bonus: all the food we advise you to eat is ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. No, not all-you-can-eat rabbit food. Real, satisfying, and delicious stews, tacos, dips, desserts and more! Healthy foods are fun, colorful, and as delicious as any other food.

Armed with this information, we design recipes to match your food preferences, re-establish nutrient balance, and rehabilitate your palate so you lose taste for the foods that make you sick and gain weight. Did you know that there are little papillae all around your tongue—commonly called “taste buds”—that shed about every 24 hours? If you stop eating certain foods, you will lose taste for them, because the new papillae don’t know about them. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised when they start craving kale, mangoes, and cream of asparagus soup. In fact, they even prefer these healthier choices over their old unhealthy favorites.

After the second week, you will start experiencing the changes: more energy, better sleep, better digestion, reduced swelling in hands, feet, reduced bloating, and of course you will shed pounds effortlessly. When you hit a plateau, we have a system in place that will make your metabolism react again and start burning more fat.

Make healthy eating a habit. Try us for 3 weeks and see the Zizania difference.

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