Instead of a recipe today, I will tell you what foods and supplements to take to boost your immune system, have a healthy GI, and increase your nutrients intake.

First rule in healthy eating is having a healthy GI that can extract, absorb nutrients, and eliminate. The key component to keep a healthy GI is of course lot of nutrients such vitamin C, B, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. And Fiber. Fiber is as important as vitamins and minerals. It helps in bowel motility, improve bile production (an important component of detoxification), and feeds your colonic flora which in turns keeps your colon healthy.

Once you have a healthy GI, then building a healthy diet will keep your immune system strong, keep you energetic, and improve all over wellness. Always remember to exercise as well! Maybe, try some old cheerleading moves!


Low sugar fruit such as berries, kiwi, citrus, apples pears, pineapple (very rich in magnesium and vitamin C, lot of fiber with medium fructose content)

: Cruciferous vegetables, potatoes, peas, greens such as bokchoy, arugula, romaine lettuce, sprouts, celery, green beans, and herbs such as mint, cilantro, and parsley
Legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas, pigeon peas.

Whole grain: brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, kamut (contains gluten) and whole grain breads and cereal.

Nuts and seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, and chia seeds; walnuts, almonds, peanuts, Brazilian nuts, cashews, pistachios
Anti-inflammatory: ginger, garlic, onion, curcuma, and all the herbs cited above.

SUPPLEMENTS: vitamin C, 1500mg/day; vitamin B-complex, 2 tablets/day; calcium-mag-zinc, 1 table/day depending on dosage. Others can be included depending on your needs and health condition.

Please DO NOT take supplements without a recommendation from a nutritionist. They are not without risk. More importantly, taking supplements without a healthy diet will not yield any results. If you make the above foods part of your regular diet, you will see an improvement in your health, weight loss, energy level and even sleep pattern.