Having already battled his lymphoma into remission with chemotherapy two years earlier, Christian came to Zizania after his blood test showed changes in the markers for cancer. Although it was too soon to know if his cancer had returned, Christian wanted to see if changing his nutrition could help,

We worked with Christian for a few months moving him toward a “clean” diet.  We put together a customized nutrition plan with foods free of additives and toxic ingredients. We increased his consumption of fiber with plant-based foods and provided recipes robust in flavor and high in nutritional value. We also recommended some natural supplements to strengthen his immune system.

A year later, Christian phoned us and in a cheerful voice said “I don’t know if it’s your diet but I got my blood test from the doctor and he said I am fully in remission”. Christian is still enjoying a healthy life and travels regularly with his family.

We can’t cure cancer but healthy eating can often help put it into remission.