When Debbie came to Zizania, she was debilitated with Lupus. She’d been ill for 7 years and was bed ridden 4 days out of 7. She described her life as the “non-dead”. She basically just existed but did very little living. She had to resign from her VP of operations job at a prestigious company; she could not go on vacation with her family. She even missed her best friend’s wedding.

Debbie tried every medication prescribed to her without any results. Some of them made her even sicker and she had to rest longer to get over the side effects. Finally, her doctor told her about a nutrition company[link removed, not necessary] that was holistic and would even travel to her home to teach her how to cook healthy meals. This is how Debbie discovered Zizania.

From Sick to Full Health

Since Debbie was on so many medications and did not have the energy to make good food choices, we [*see comment below] started with detoxifying her system by, among other things, eliminating processed foods and those with toxic ingredients.

The first week was rough because Debbie experienced many of the symptoms of detoxification: multiple bathroom trips, headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue. But surprisingly (at least to her), she slept very well at night. . After the second week, all the symptoms were gone. By the third week, Debbie no longer needed her usual long naps. She was up all day and even able to tend to her garden.

During the next three months working with Zizania and following a MicroRicheTM diet, Debbie’s energy continued to improve as the inflammation went down. Her joint pain completely disappeared. Under her doctor’s supervision, she was able to drop many of her pain medications.

At the end of our time together, Debbie felt well enough to begin a parttime job. She continues to improve and thrive every day. [**see comment below]

You Too Can Experience the Zizania Difference

If you are suffering from lupus or any autoimmune disease, Zizania’s MicroRicheTM can help lessen your symptoms or even put them into remissions. Contact us for more information. [***see comment below]

Don’t lose another day to lupus, contact us today!