Manage Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease with Zizania’s MicroRiche™ Diet

Why Does the Body Attack Itself?

Leaky gut syndrome, Hashimoto, arthritis, and lupus are all autoimmune diseases that can result from untreated inflammation. At Zizania, we focus on foods that calm inflammation. By examining your health history, dietary patterns, and blood tests as well as assessing your emotional state, we can tailor a nutrition plan to fit your specific needs. Our protocol is simple yet effective. We remove foods that trigger allergies, increase foods that help reduce inflammation, and monitor your symptoms in relation to food and daily activity. Then we adjust the nutrient intake to get you fast and lasting results.

Our MicroRiche™ diet is a combination of micronutrient-rich foods with anti-inflammatory agents and healthy fats and protein for metabolism and energy. You can enjoy delicious meals while reducing the impact of these conditions and, in many cases, putting these disorders in remission.

Real Stories, Visible Results

We have helped many clients reverse type II diabetes, restore thyroid function, and put lupus in complete remission. Our client Mitzi shares the story of her battle with lupus.

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