Zizania is not a one-size-fits most program. While our programs are customized for each individual, each nutrition plan is comprised of three components

The initial consultation

When we first meet with you, we do a thorough health history and lifestyle assessment. We cover your eating habits, food preference, stress level, all your symptoms, and your health goals. During this session, we also review your existing lab work if there is any, or order new tests, if applicable, to assess markers such as C-reactive protein (inflammation marker), A1c level, and vitamin D assessment, among others.

Following our consultation

We develop an individualized nutrition plan that includes counseling and coaching. We will monitor your daily food log and provide real-time coaching for making improvements. Our weekly counseling sessions include healthy cooking, nutrition education, and guidance on making healthy choices when eating in restaurants or while traveling.

We will also take you on a grocery store tour to teach you which foods you should avoid, how to read food labels, how to select the best produce, and how to identify healthy foods that you can purchase when you don’t have time for meal prep.

At the end of our six weeks together

We will evaluate your progress, assess your results, and prepare you for making these new habits permanent. We will also determine if you need more lab tests, type of supplementation for short and long term, and you will have the option to join our monthly support group.

For clients who are picky eaters, or who suffer from emotional eating, Zizania nutritionists are trained as feeding therapists to help you transition to healthier choices without the pain of eating foods you don’t like. We will help you find delicious healthy foods within your palate’s restrictive zone.