Zizania Nutrition Counseling Program

While we have several programs to fit your goals and budget, our most successful program is called Restoration. It’s composed of 6 sessions of 2 hours each. The sessions have 2 folds: weekly review of your health
status, discussion of ingredients and their nutritional value, and hands on cooking. Each session covers a different
topic. All recipes are custom-made to target your specific health condition while respecting your food preference
and preserving flavor to increase pleasure in eating. There is no portion control, or carb/calorie counting.

Each session builds up on the previous one and depends on your progress. This is why sending your food journal
daily is crucial to your success. The foods you will be advised to eat and the recipes we will make depend on your
glucose level, weight loss status, GI reactions or how you metabolism nutrients.

Session I

Health status overview

  • Client receives a starter-kit, meal advice, and nutritionists performs a kitchen inventory
  • Starter-kit includes: easy recipes that require little time to prepare; nutrition education material, and health related
  • Program overview

This session does not include cooking

Each subsequent session covers the following

Discussion of health topics such as: Detoxification, digestion, metabolism of various nutrients, nutrient content of
ingredients and why they are paired the way they are in each recipe. This is training in how to create meals that are
rich in micro-nutrients (low calorie ingredients) and macro-nutrients (high calories).

You will receive 2 recipes before each meeting so you can buy the ingredients ahead to time for us to cook together
and prepare the recipes.

Grocery Store Tour

This session will help you learn a variety of convenient, ready-to-eat products that are still nutritious; you will learn
how to decipher food labels and their hidden meaning.
Produce section: this session covers how to chose different fruits and vegetables to get the highest quality;
conventional vs. organic; what produce to eat in season and why; fresh vs. Frozen; different oils and their pros and

Last Session

Knife skills: we will spend the last session focusing on knife skills. You will learn how to use a knife correctly to
make cooking fast and easy: slice, dice, mince different foods: slicing onions, cabbage; dicing carrots, celery;
chopping or slicing tomatoes and bell peppers, etc…