The MicroRiche Diet: Healthy Eating Made Fun and Easy With Functional Medicine Nutrition for effective and lasting results.

Learn to have an healthy relationship with food and functional medicine.

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Discover the MicroRiche™ method: delicious, all you can eat foods.



Recurring inflammation can be tamed with diet if you choose the right foods.

type 2 diabetes


Lower your blood glucose and your need for medication.

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Nutrition is the Only Medicine That Heals Without Side Effects

Each MicroRicheTM diet is personalized and customized to your health need. Whether your goal is to manage or reverse Type 2 Diabetes, lose weight, overcome Leaky Gut Syndrome or to address other health issues, we'll customize a MicroRiche™ Diet menu to not only help you meet your health goal, but also increase enjoyment in eating.

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Every ache and every symptom is your body's cry for help.

Our nutritionists interpret those messages to minimize, and often eliminate all types of health conditions. This is not a one-size-fits most approach. Every program includes meal choices to match your food or cultural preferences. Zizania has been using a functional medicine approach and nutrition therapy to help people in Northern Virginia, the District, and Maryland. Make today YOUR turn!

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Ditch the diet, Live MicroRiche™ and Change Your Life

Stop calorie counting, carb worries, and fat slandering. Enjoy real food and meals that everyone in your family will enjoy. It's that simple

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MicroRiche™: it's a lifestyle