The MicroRiche™ Diet Changes Lives

I began working with Dominique because my Type 2 Diabetes has gotten worse after years of neglect. Daily activities fatigued me and I began to shy away from fun activities. After I started the program I lost 40 pounds. My daily glucose, which used to be above 130 in the morning (with medication) dropped to below 100; my A1C is at 6.3 ––from 7. That’s just in 4 months. As a bonus, my cholesterol and blood pressure improved so much, my doctor reduced those meds too.

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What Makes Zizania Different?

Our Functional Medicine programs are personalized for YOU. Regardless of your diet choice, philosophy, or food preference, we make recipes that you will love to eat. Zizania has been serving residents in the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) since 2007 working with all types of conditions, food preferences, ethnic and age groups. Our youngest client is 1 year old; our oldest 92.

Zizania’s functional medicine and nutrition specialists have traveled to many countries around the world and can create recipes to reflect many cultures such as Thai, Indian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, or North-African. If you have a shy palate, but still want to experience these flavors, we can create a version tailored to your specific taste. Our clients transition gradually to more robust flavors and increase their intake of antioxidants from different herbs and spices.

Our 6-week Zizania programs are a partnership with you. We escort you through this diet change every step of the way.

How Our Program Works

While our programs are customized for each individual, each of our nutrition plans are comprised of three components

The initial consultation: When we first meet with you, we do a thorough health history and lifestyle assessment. We review your existing lab work if there is any. We may order a variety of tests for a deeper understanding of your condition or nutritional imbalances. We will discuss your eating habits, food preference, stress level, all your symptoms, and your health goals. We will do a kitchen inventory and make recommendations for healthy changes.

Based on this information, we establish a health profile to provide you with comprehensive feedback regarding your nutritional deficiencies, cravings, and symptoms. We then give you guidelines for any needed adjustments to your diet so you can start living a healthier life.

For clients who are picky eaters or who suffer from emotional eating, Zizania nutritionists are trained as feeding therapists to help you transition to healthier choices without the pain of eating foods you don’t like. We will help you find delicious healthy foods within your palate’s restrictive zone.

Our second component is where the Zizania Functional Medicine programs truly shine with our frequent counseling and coaching

  • We develop an individualized nutrition plan specific to your goals, health challenges and food preferences.
  • Each day, you’ll receive feedback on the food journal you will be asked to send us for review and feedback. You will learn how to improve your diet IN REAL TIME. We’ve found that clients who are diligent in sending in their food journals and those who communicate with us regularly, achieve the best results from our programs.
  • Our weekly counseling sessions include healthy cooking, nutrition education, and guidance on making healthy choices when eating in restaurants or and traveling.
  • We will also take you on a grocery store tour to teach you which foods you should avoid, how to read food labels, how to select the best produce, and how to identify healthy foods that you can purchase when you don’t have time for meal prep.

The third component of our program is an evaluation of your progress, assessment of your results, and guidance to make these new habits permanent. We will also determine if you need more lab tests for nutritional evaluation.

If you’re ready to make a change that will last a lifetime, contact Zizania today. You will reach your health goal effortlessly without worrying about carbs or calorie counting.

success means healthy eating and good nutrition

Our team brings decades of experience in all aspects of health.

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