barbara looks and feels great in her red dress

Barbara contacted Zizania because she wanted to improve her overall health and to lose weight. After several weeks of guidance, she graduated to implementing our program independently. Below she shares what she liked about working with Zizania and about her results:

“I have enjoyed being coached by Dominique over the past two months, and have learned a lot about nutrition and my personal health/nutrition needs, in general.

I was pleased and impressed that she analyzed (and asked for) my blood work during my initial session, at which time she pinpointed some trends of which I was unaware. Whenever I have a question about a specific aspect of food or nutrition, she will always respond with a recent study or scientific findings . . .and one can’t argue with science!

The recipes Dominique provides are delicious and interesting, and she took me step-by-step through preparing each one. Who knew that parsley as a main salad ingredient could taste so good?! I am also pleased to report that the weight I wanted to lose has been falling off, and more importantly, I have felt good in the process.

I have also gained new insights and understanding (and acceptance!) about plant-based eating, and I highly recommend Zizania for anyone who is hoping to find a healthier eating style, and be supported in the process”.