The Healing Power of Food: The Path to Wellness

Experience the Healing Power of Food

Wellness is more than a goal. It’s a lifestyle.  Just a few weeks into our program, you will start experiencing positive changes. Our clients report better sleeping patterns, less joint pain, better digestion, more energy and an overall feeling of wellness.

Various studies have even suggested that adding or subtracting certain foods from your daily diet can help prevent, reverse or put into remission serious chronic illness such as Leaky gut syndrome, heart disease, Type II diabetes  arthritis, and lupus.

Here at Zizania we focus on lifestyle diets that will help you feel great and live health for the long run. Our clients benefit from improved health, reduce their risk of chronic illness, and feel rejuvenated as they are able to participate in the activities they enjoy.

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The video below is a testimonial from David, one of our clients. David’s doctor told him that he needed to change his diet to improve his kidney function and normalize his blood sugar to avoid the development of type 2 diabetes.

Watch to learn how David was able to restore his health by working with Zizania.