Healthy Eating Can Be Taught: Balance eliminates Sugar Craving and Overeating

Changing your diet is not about removing things from it, but adding to it. Palate rehabilitation is a key to your long-term success. Your tongue has many papillae (also known as taste buds) that shed every 6 to 24 hours to be replaced by new ones. We will train these new ones to develop a taste for “the good stuff.”

Palate Rehab 1
By eating foods in their most natural form, you will learn to identify ingredients just by tasting your food which will make you a selective “eater”. You will enjoy flavors and textures that you may not currently know.

Zizania’s functional medicine and nutrition specialists have traveled to many countries around the world and can create recipes to reflect many cultures such as Thai, Indian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, or North-African. If you have a shy palate, but still want to experience these flavors, we can create a version tailored to your specific taste.

Our clients transition gradually to more robust flavors and increase their intake of antioxidants from different herbs and spices. You may even develop a craving for foods that you may currently consider “boring”

The best part: there is NO sacrifice involved! Give Zizania a try, you will become a fan