Weight Loss for Lawyers


Healthy Eating Pays


Stephen came to Zizania because his doctor told him he needed to change his diet. He was in his early sixties, overweight, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and his blood sugar levels were starting increase.

As we do with all of our clients, we coached Stephen on how to adopt a healthier relationship with food without counting calories or carbohydrates. Stephen learned how to create healthy meals and choose healthier snacks. He also learned how to overcome one of his biggest challenges: identifying healthy food options while on business trips.


Within these three months, Stephen lost 30 pounds. His doctor was pleased to see Stephen’s numbers were moving downward and started to reduce the dosage of the medication.

Months later, Stephen reports that he is still enjoying healthy foods with no desire to return to his former way of eating. Additionally, his health continues to improve and he enjoys being able to run and play with his young grandson.