Detoxify with Cucumber and Kiwi

Looking for a refreshing drink that will also help you detoxify, lose weight, and just plain feel good?  We have it.  This cucumber and kiwi smoothie is exactly what the doctor ordered.  It tastes delicious and refreshing and will actually keep you satisfied for a good 2 hours, if you chose to drink it for breakfast.  The recipes makes about 20 oz.  For extra probiotic power, use 1 cup of kombucha instead of water.  Before You Start If you buy mint from the store, place Continue reading →

Comfort Food: Broad Bean Stew

When the weather is rainy and gloomy we tend to want comfort food.  Needless to say, we had more than a few of those days lately.  So I wanted something comforting, yet easy to make and nourishing.  As I was touring the grocery store looking for inspiration, I saw these beans that are rarely mentioned in cookbooks or other health-promoting venues.  But I do see them occasionally in health food stores.  I decided to give them a try.  I was not disappointed.   These broad Continue reading →

Four facts You Should Know about Salmon

My last visit to the grocery store left me speechless! I walked by the fish section and saw 2 types of salmon: one dark orange and another light coral. The light coral one had a sign that read “farm raised. Color added”. Does that sound like something you want to it? I do applaud the grocery store for their honesty though. Every doctor, dietitian, and wannabe nutritionist will tell you to eat salmon because it is rich in omega 3 which reduce heart disease due Continue reading →

Lyme Disease Awareness and Protection

Yesterday I was walking in the woods along the Shenandoah river.  It was a beautiful sunny day with lot of butterflies investigating the tapestry of wild flowers, birds singing in the trees, and ladybugs happily harvesting their meals.  I have to say, that region is a slice of heaven. My Brush With Lyme  I came back to the house and I noticed a tiny gray bug crawling on my leg.  I handed it to my husband who is a scientist and asked him what it Continue reading →

Weight Loss: Berry Good Food

Summer is on its way.  Before you know it, grocery stores will be filled with fresh and local fruit.  The best fruit to increase your nutrient intake and help you with your weight loss plan are berries.   Berries area low sugar fruit so their calorie content is much lower than other fruits such mangoes or cantaloup.  Berries are also delicious, colorful, easy to eat fresh or added to smoothies, fruit salads and soups, or to top your favorite dessert.  I have put together a Continue reading →