Probiotics are not vitamins. They are live microorganisms (bacteria) that contribute to the health of the digestive system. There are 300 to 500 species of bacteria in the human gut, comprising the microbiome. Overtime, these bacteria die or deteriorate due to disease, infections, medications, or a poor diet. It’s important to replenish this bacteria once in a while, particularly when experiencing digestive distress, such as bloating, constipation, flatulence, or inability to digest fiber.

Who Needs Probiotics
  • People with digestive issues mentioned above
  • Cancer patients, during and after treatment with radiation therapy
  • People with autoimmune disease
  • Anyone experiencing IBS symptoms
  • Health conscious individual who want a healthy gut flora
Probiotic Myths
  • Yogurt has probiotics: False. Yogurt has one strain of bacteria: acidophilus. this organism is already abundant in the human gut. Even if we were depleted, the strain in yogurt is not enough to be therapeutic. Furthermore, the milk protein in yogurt can cause GI problems due to dairy allergies.
  • Bone broth is beneficial for digestive health: simply false. there are no health benefits to bone broth. there are NO scientific studies providing support to any of the claims you’re reading about on the web.
  • You need to take probiotics regularly: again, this is bacteria. they should be taken for a limited time to replenish and impoverished GI. Taking them long term, will create an imbalance by increasing the numbers of certain species at the expense of others.
What Probiotics Should I buy?

The best probiotics are the ones that have at least 30 strains of bacteria and 100 billion organisms. You should never take probiotics for over 3 months, unless advised by a clinical nutritionist or a functional medicine doctor.

The best probiotics on the market are from Garden of Life. They are made from raw and fermented ingredients. Click on this link PROBIOTICS to view the site. You may also find them online or at Whole Foods.

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